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New David Jaffe project won’t appear at Leipzig

Posted in Leipzig News, PS3 News on August 13, 2008 by Andrew B. Hall


Eat Sleep and Play’s David Jaffe has confirmed via gaming forum NeoGAF that his company’s new title will not be appearing at the Leipzig Games Convention next week, and is unlikely to be shown for another 6-10 months.

“Hey ya’ll- as for our new game, no, we re not showing it next week. Or next month. Or the month after that,” wrote Jaffe.

“We’re prob. a good 6-10 months away from letting anyone outside of Sony see it. And at that point, I have no clue if they will give it its own showing to the press or make it’s unveiling a part of something like GDC or E3.”

“Will let ya’ll know- hope you like what we are doing! Enjoy the show next week!” he concluded.

Jaffe is perhaps best known for his work on the Twisted Metal franchise, and has since contributed to the PSN title, Calling All Cars!