More Warhawk v1.5 update details


Over at PlayStation.Blog, the game director of Warhawk, Dylan Jobe, lets us in on the details surrounding the important v1.5 update which will bring trophies. Last week, we already provided you with a list of trophies and a release date of August 27th for Europe — it now appears the date will apply to the US as well. Other updates will include:
  • Custom in-game music confirmed once again.
  • Training tutorials — 4 offline tutorials for “newbies” to the game, focusing “on the core principals of each of the 3 modes of gameplay: Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Aircraft.” The fourth tutorial, Flight Practice, will have players destroying as many attack drones as possible in 3 minutes. Completing these tutorials will result in a trophy.
  • Clan leaders will now have the ability to retract a clan invite.
  • 20 new paint schemes and 50 new insignias.
  • Participants of the GGL tournament will receive a in-game GGL-Ceremonial Knife. The winners of the tournament will receive a Champion’s Blade.
  • Green servers will be designated for rookies only.
  • Jobe hints at a jetpack for the next Booster Pack with a promise of more information to come at Leipzig.
  • Some exploits and issues were fixed. Read Jobe’s post for more details

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