Disgaea 3 has three bundles: regular, mediocre, hardcore


You’ve got to hand it to Nippon Ichi Software of America; they really know how to rope you in. Not only does Disgaea 3 ship with a discounted price at $50 and a fan-chosen soundtrack as a pre-order bonus, but you’ll also have a choice of three bundles to choose from if you pre-order from NIS’s online store, Rosenqueen.

The game will ship in three sets: Alma Mater, Delinquent Pride, and No. 1 Honor Student. The Alma Mater set is the standard game at $50 and contains the game disc, custom soundtrack, and a main theme CD. The Delinquent Pride set is the same but with a strategy guide and priced at $70. The last one is for the hardcore fan; No.1 Honor Student set includes all of the above plus a digital media disc (over 700 storyboard stills, art, and screens) and any one of the following: original soundtrack CD (2 discs, 37 songs), 36-page art book, or a school flag. All that comes at a hefty $90 price tag. You can see all of that in the picture above. Check this link for larger images.


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