Rumor:Ninja Gaiden Sigma II On the Way With Trophies?


Over at PS3Forums, user Alfrayer e-mailed Tecmo asking Team Ninja if they will be implementing trophies as a patch for Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PLAYSTATION 3. The simple answer was no trophy patch.

Yosuke Hayashi, Producer of Team Ninja did say this though:

“We are definitely willing to make trophy system available in our sequel.
In order to deliver our new NINJA GAIDEN as soon as possible , we have to continue to move forward further.”

Does that mean Ninja Gaiden Sigma II is on the way? Remeber though, this e-mail can be completely fake, thats why this is filed under rumors. You also need to consider the producer of the team actually e-mailing him back himself.


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