WipEout HD Delay Means More Tracks, Ships And Trophies


Yes, we’re all bummed by WipEout HD‘s epilepsy-related delay. However, we’re reminded of the old adage, “good things come to those who wait.” It appears that the team at Liverpool isn’t just sitting around. They’ve taken this time to add a number of new features to WipEout HD, most exciting of which must be Trophies. A SCEE representative told TVG that the delay has added “8 reverse tracks, 4 extra ships, 2 alternative HUDS, 2 Player offline split screen and XMB Trophy support.”

Wow, that’s a lot of added content. We’re excited for WipEout HD, and we’re glad to see more being added to the upcoming racer. Now, we all have to do just one thing: wait.


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