The Last Remnant Roundtable Discussion: Still No PS3 Release Date


“Don’t let the subject line fool you — while there’s still no firm release date set for The Last Remnant on the PS3, it’s coming and it’s about time we learned a little more about the game. A bunch of press members sat down with the game’s producer, Nobuyuki Ueda, then tried to get some information about the game’s battle system and storyline. We’ll summarize the important bits and let you decide if you want to read the whole thing.

The game is supposed to appease both Western and Japanese gamers. English development is ahead of Japanese, so the English dub is proceeding along smoothly, Ueda says. The battles are as large-scale or as small-scale as you’d like. You have control over five “unions” with five members in each union, but it seems like you directly control either one at a time or the leader of each union during battles.

Once battle starts, a timer is in place that’ll signify when more enemy units will join in the brawl. The greater the number of enemies you choose to encounter, the greater the reward. Think of the DS title The World Ends With You to get an idea what they’re going for. The morale meter does not indicate rewards; it helps you see how well other units will pay attention to your orders. While the game sounds like it keeps many traditional RPG elements, it also sounds like it may be more hands-off than expected. We don’t know for sure, so we’ll not make any judgments until we play it for ourselves”.


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