Possibly Even More Greatest Hits Confirmation, Prices


Click for full ad

“So earlier we posted an image found in a KMart Entertainment Guide which gave us a hint at a US greatest hits line. Now, an anonymous tipster sends word of another print ad; this time it comes from Circuit City. Our tipster points out that while the games in the image do not have the red plastic covers, the games listed are exactly the same as the ones found in the KMart ad.

What’s most interesting about this is that the same three games found in the KMart ad are getting a budget price at Circuit City starting July 27. You can tell the ad is for the week of July 27 as the full page reveals that Soulcalibur IV is “in store Tuesday.”

The games are all priced at $30. If this is related to a greatest hits list, then this seems to fit in line with Japan’s “the best” pricing which also averages around that price point as well. It would also mean that these greatest hits boxes have been in print for awhile, if they are indeed to hit stores later this month. Again, nothing is for certain yet, but we’re sure we’ll hear something about this at E3″.


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