Kratos Not Appearing In Soul Calibur IV

From PSU:

Rumours of Kratos appearing in the PlayStation 3 version of Namco Bandai’s Soul Calibur IV have been dismissed by

The iconic God of War protagonist was said to make an appearance exclusively in the PS3 version of the highly anticipated beat ‘em up, echoing similar platform-exclusive efforts by Namco with Soul Calibur II.

However, the latest 1up podcast has debunked these claims, confirming that Kratos does not appear in the game.

While there is still a possibility that he may show up at a later date by way of downloadable content, for now at least, PS3 owners will have to make do with the equally intimidating Darth Vader.

Soul Calibur IV is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America on July 29. A European release will follow a few days later on August 1.


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