Trophies Coming To Burnout Paradise ‘Soon’

From PS3Fanboy:

A second Burnout Paradise post has appeared on the PlayStation Blog. Mostly this post, by Criterion’s Simon Phipps, discusses the upcoming Timed Challenges. These are just one facet of the upcoming free Cagney update and consist of seventy new Freeburn Challenges to take part in online. For more information on those, be sure to check out the latest PlayStation Blog post.

While this is all very exciting, the most interesting piece of news in the post is the official word that Criterion are planning to incorporate trophies into the game “soon.” They won’t be included in the Cagney update, but they will be coming separately. We’re not sure whether that means they’ll be a part of the next update (the one beginning with D) or whether they’ll be patched in on their own, but we’re looking forward to seeing them arrive. Hopefully we’ll hear more developers confirm their trophy plans over the next few weeks.

[UPDATE] Thanks to Phipps’ response to the PlayStation Blog comments we now know that Burnout Paradise‘s trophies will work retroactively. This is thanks to the unique way that the game saves data via the PlayStation Network linked to your account. Don’t expect this to be a common occurrence.


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